Best Project

The best project award is granted based on the project’s interactive design, artistry, creativity, and interdisciplinary value. Winners of other awards are also considered for this award.

All projects are eligible.

Most Innovative

The most innovative concept award recognizes the project with the most unique and innovative concept. Technical implementation isn’t taken into account as a criteria.

All projects are eligible.

Best Technical Implementation Awards

The best technical implementation award is awarded to the most impressive and well executed technical work based on criteria such as innovative coding and efficient design. This award is given to one student per year for fairness toward the differing levels of skills.

All projects except for humanities are eligible.

Best Design

The best design award acknowledges the most impressive and advanced implementation of design.

Possible features that are looked at are a combination of excellent aesthetics, UI design, UX design, etc.

All projects except humanities are eligible.

Critical Design Award

The best critical perspective award demonstrates the most compelling and comprehensive understanding of its subject matter.

All projects are eligible.

Spotlight Award

The spotlight award recognizes 1st year student’s exceptional hard work, ambition, and their creativity. Giving the spotlight of their “emerging talent” in Interactive Media.

All 1st year projects are eligible